Once your path has been identified, we will implement the required action plan and work with all municipalities to move forward.



cannabis Consulting & product services


OUR founder

Chris Haight, has owned and been involved with multiple Cannabis related corporations ranging from Medical Infused Product Manufacturing to Recreational site development for cultivation and retail allocations. Having worked for the Department of Defense for over 20 years with contract proposals and site development; his recent endeavors in the cannabis industry allotted company allocations to start with unique and detailed data packages having been utilized as the baseline for many local municipalities in the Colorado Cannabis industry.

We start off with a universal Non-Disclosure Agreement which allows Nation's to safely and securely determine your current infrastructure without compromising intellectual property. 



We will identify and evaluate your business model or plan to find the most expeditious route possible for up-coming approvals with both county and state.

Nation's will monitor and oversee each and every facet of the approval process to the point of developing a turn-key operation if needed.

  • On-site evaluation
  • Cost Proposals
  • Safety & Security Plans
  • Lighting & Odor Mitigation Plans
  • Service Benchmarking
  • Public Hearing Representation
  • Structural & Electrical Designs Plans
  • Forms, Documents & Manuals
  • Comprehensive Training Curriculums
  • Web Development & Graphic Design
  • Infused Product Development
  • Marketing
  • Legal Compliance

Nation's is an independent Consulting service dedicating to making your life easier. 

Our professional staff has the expertise to help you develop a system unique to your business plan capable of outlining everything from the application process to opening your door ready for production or sales. In essence; let us help you get from seed to sale. Processes ranging from Cultivation Sites, Infused Product Manufacturing and Centers. We work with and independently contract many of the Nations top attorney's, draftsman, cultivators, software developers and many more to help you succeed from the ground up. We know its not easy diving into an innovative industry like cannabis. Let us guide you through the frustration and minimize the headache.